This world or the one around the corner? How to jump from one reality into another: a parallel world.

This world or the one around the corner? How to jump from one reality into another: a parallel world.
April 11, 2016 Suzanne Freiherz

This world or the one around the corner? How to jump from one reality into another: a parallel world.

I usually wake up with my much-loved Doctor Who title song happily ringing from my mobile. Every morning I press „snooze“ and go back to sleep until the song starts again. But not today.

This morning there were workers on the roof exactly above my bedroom. I was kicked out of dreamland by loud hammering and drilling. My first reaction was annoyment and thoughts about how rude it was to wake me so much earlier than I had intended to get up and so much less gently than Doctor Who usually wakes me.

My second reaction was to switch from reaction to action by using a technique that I have trained many times on the mat. It is called „creating your reality“. It is an inner technique and goes like this: First, I notice what is going on in the moment and second, I go through my options of what can I do to change the situation. Here goes:

What is going on: Noise. Loud and unwelcome. Plus, I am awake and not amused.
Question: Do I want to change something or do I like the reality I am living?
Answer: CHANGE.

Ok, what options are there?

Option no. 1: I stay in bed and continue being annoyed until my alarm goes off.
Option no. 2: I get up and continue being annoyed in the living room, where the drilling isn’t as loud as in the bedroom, but still loud enough to not let go of the anger.
Option no. 3: I send a what’sapp to my sister and inform her about the situation, so she can join my annoyance.
Option no. 4: I go up to the roof and inform the workers about how unpleased I am about their drilling.

What do all these options have in common? In every one of these realities the works will continue and I will still be annoyed…and being angry isn’t fun at all.

So, option no. 5: Change something within myself.

How? Look at things differently. Trigger something within that is more nurturing and fun than anger. Like being grateful. I chose option no. 5 and started to think: What could I possibly be grateful for right now?

This is what came to mind:

  1. A brand new day is waiting for me. I am healthy and can create a great day.
  2. I am not going to oversleep today.
  3. The sun is rising soon and I can watch how my little village starts to glow in the sunshine.
  4. The workers on the roof are just doing their job. They didn’t have a meeting yesterday and decided to make as much noise as possible today with the intention of ruining my morning. No, they are happy that they have a job to make a living. Having a job is important and I am happy for them.
  5. Whatever damage there is on the roof, they are professionals and will mend it. I don’t have to gear up myself and try to fix it.

At this point I noticed that my anger has transformed into inner peace. And as always, gratitude was unstoppable:

  1. I was so grateful that I had practiced this technique so many times in a relaxed atmosphere on the mat, that I am able do it off the mat in the middle of a challenge.
  2. Then, all happy and content, I got up to have a yummie cup of coffee. Wohoo! Hello new world!

Now you know what my morning was like. I hopped from one reality into another, from an annoying morning into a wonderful one that included a nice cup of coffe and a smile in my heart. Did the works on the roof continue? Yep. But the difference was, they didn’t touch me any more. Because in my reality I was content and free from outer circumstances.

Is it easy to do this technique? It is very simple and sometimes it is easy, but it can also be a challenge. But it always works. We can always make the best of what is given to us. We do what we can do and the rest comes as part of the flow.

Here is some advice of how to easily start the inner change: start with something simple like eg. this is a brand new day, or I am breathing freely. Then, be grateful that you thought of one thing to be grateful for. That’s two things already on your gratitude list! Woohooo! Use whatever comes to mind and watch the emotion (anger, fear other similar) changing. You’ll see if the emotion will transform fast or slowly looses its impact bit by bit. Keep going. Don’t give up and create positivity.

Make your choice: What world do you want to live in? What reality do you create? Jumping between worlds is so much fun. Choose and create your reality with a smile in your heart.

I hope my short night and extra-high coffee consuption is helpful for you somehow ; )

Finally, I’d like to share some of my poetry with you. It’s about creating realities. Please enjoy.

this is your present
accept it with gratitude
honor it with playfulness
this is for you my dear
it is your decision
to live fully and completely
or let life pass by unnoticed
stop blaming others, yourself, the past, the conditions
there is no them, no me, no you
every being, sound, form, taste, is an expression of the same life
no worries
no fear
no drama
the essence of all loves to play
this love is unconditional my dear
and it is yours already

have fun in the game
make your own rules
make up new ones every moment!
and when you ask yourself:
could this be real?
come find me at the tea party

Suzanne Freiherz



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