The Easiness Of Letting Go

The Easiness Of Letting Go
March 15, 2017 Suzanne Freiherz

The Easiness Of Letting Go

Let’s cut right to the chase: Letting go is easy. It is not difficult like so many around us want us to believe.

Think about it: When you are carrying a heavy bag, it is easy to put it down aka let it go. Holding on to something, no matter if it is carrying a bag or the past on our shoulders, is what drains our energy. Holding on to the past, worries or similar is very hard work. Whereas letting go is the easy thing to do. We simply allow whatever makes us feel heavy or tense to fall off.

Try it! Do a couple of pushups or squats until you feel too tired to do even one more, then lay down, close your eyes and you feel how your whole body releases automatically and effortlessly. Experience the deep relaxation in your shoulders, arms, back, belly, neck, face and legs.

Tension, even tension you’ve been holding on to for a while, melts away because it’s what the body does after a challenge. Like a reflex, the body surrenders to gravity. This is no work, no effort. It just happens. Letting go comes as a gift and all there is to do is this: enjoy! There is nothing else to do. Just let this incredible wisdom that beats your heart and moves your breath and digests your food, do its magic.

Letting go is easy, holding on to something is hard work, because everything is in a flow. It is nature’s way: flow, transform, change. Picture it: Holding on is like trying to stand still in the midst of the gigantic river of unique moments filled with potential experiences. When we let go, we are no longer standing in life’s way. We surrender into the flow. We leave behind what we call past and are swimming in the magic of the now.

So, do pushups or squats or take a breath, smile, be kind to someone else…anything that takes your mind off whatever you are holding on to. Remember, tension releases by allowing, not by trying hard. Like a heavy bag, simply refuse to carry it any longer and please know that you deserve to be free right now exactly as you are.

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