New Superhero on the Block. Traveling Through Time and Space, This One Is Highly Contagious.

New Superhero on the Block. Traveling Through Time and Space, This One Is Highly Contagious.
April 26, 2016 Suzanne Freiherz

New Superhero on the Block.
Traveling Through Time and Space, This One Is Highly Contagious.

Do you like Superheroes? Maybe you have had a favorite one since childhood? I love all of them and can’t get enough watching the movies. Wolverine and Iron Men are my favorites. Well, they were…until I realized that there is one superhero, that is more amazing than all the others combined. One, that has been with me all of my life and has saved not only myself but – like a superhero does – all of us many countless times.

Don’t scroll down too much…spoilers! The identity of our Superhero must remain a secret of course. Ok, to introduce a Superhero, we need an appropriate setting: at least one person in some sort of need or trouble having a challenge she or he cannot face alone. So, let’s try:

A couple of years ago, Tom and I went to India and – surprise surprise – we became sick at the end of our travels. Without going into details I can say that we had very high fever and couldn’t board a flight from Kerala to Delhi. The expert care of an extraordinarily kind Ayurvedic doctor made it possible to fly the next day and reach the flight from Delhi to Munich. No, the kind doctor – though absolutely a true hero – is not our secret Superhero.

During the hours in the plane, Tom was feeling better and better, while I was still very sick and the fever was rising again. So, the plan was to go home and rest asap. From Munich, we had a four hour drive ahead of us.

At Munich airport, Tom went to get some water for the drive and, caring as he is, he spared me the effort of walking and left me waiting with the luggage. Standing opposite of some shops, I suddenly realized that the floor and the shops started to slowly tilt to one side and I thought „Hmmmm, that is very strange.“ While I was pondering this strangeness with some more eloquent „hmmms“, something like an alarm went off in my head and an inner voice screamed at me: „You’re falling!!!“ Waking up from my feverish condition for a second, I managed to hold on to my suitcase. It was heavy enough to stop me and didn’t fall with me. Ok, good safe!

This slow-motion tilting of my surrounding and the slow-motion thinking process of what might be going on was hilarious. Amazing, how time can slow down and speed up. Even back then I was so amused about what had happened that I got curious if I truly couldn’t stand upright by myself. So I let go of my suitcase’s handle and yep, there was the answer: nope, I couldn’t. I almost collapsed but my suitcase patiently saved me again. Picturing this, is anyone else thinking of The Simpsons where Homer claims he doesn’t need gloves and gets electrocuted again and again because he keeps touching the wire? Well, repetition is an important learning tool, I guess.

Summing up, it wasn’t my best day and I had no idea how to make it to the car and home. I never expected to come across our Superhero very soon.

When Tom returned with water and juice, we walked to the exit doors. I managed to hold on to my strong supporter, the suitcase, which was being pulled by Tom because clearly, between the suitcase and myself, I was not the decision maker of which way to go. We left the airport side by side with a man, who most likely had arrived with us from India. Stepping outside we realized it was snowing and I looked at the guy next to us. He stopped and looked up. I will never forget the look on his face. It must have been his first time to see snow.

His face lit up and it looked like every cell of his body was doing a happy dance.

It was one of the most amazing, breathtaking expressions of our superhero that I was ever blessed to witness. You can already guess our Superhero’s name, right? Yes! It is JOY 🙂

I would like to take a moment here to thank my brain for deciding to remember this moment so clearly. I don’t remember much of the seven hour flight to Munich, so I really appreciate that this moment of grace is intact in my memory base. Brain High-Five!

Finally, the identity of our Superhero has been revealed and you are among the few chosen ones, who know our hero’s many faces and facets. Unlike other Superheros, this one doesn’t work in the shadows and in secrecy. This means: if you like this blog entry, please share it with many humans, because our Superhero’s power grows with sharing.

The airport-guy’s joy made me feel so much better that the drive home was fine. Whenever I see snow now, I remember this guy’s joy and amazement and can feel it spread within myself. It is like magic: joy is contagious, spreads from one person to the next, isn’t location bound and can transform time limitations by simply remaining in the past as part of our memory but also being with us in the present at the same time.

Joy is like the coolest superhero ever. Ok, if joy is a Superhero we’ll have to add a „THE,” do a grand hand gesture and say things like: „THE JOY saved us all!“. Who took away all tension and worry? It was THE JOY! She freed us all! And then of course, a Superhero needs a cape and a suit. With a happy power symbol on the chest, of course. On the pic, you can see my vision of our superhero THE JOY. Crafted with lots of fun : ) Now you do yours! No? Too grown up and serious? Do it anyway! Do it not because it makes sense but because it is a ton of fun. Never too old to have fun, right? Also, I’m sure your kids would also love to do a drawing or assemble their own THE JOY superhero vision.

Share it all! #superherothejoy

Have fun with the amazing, the brilliant, the delightful, the highly contagious traveller in space and time:

Secret Headquarter: the heart of every being
Multifunctional Utility Belt contains: smiles, happy dances, singing, jumping, clapping, amazing sunsets, pictures of puppies, kisses, rainbows, unicorns and an infinity of more stuff.
Secret Identity: every being and every thing that makes you happy.


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