Happiness or Misery? How we can use our creativity to create either one.

Happiness or Misery? How we can use our creativity to create either one.
April 16, 2016 Suzanne Freiherz

Happiness or Misery? How we can use our creativity to create either one.

Most of us probably tend to complain more often than we realize. It is a wonderful moment of our lives but still we find something that is wrong with it, something annoying, something to nag. Like, eg:

It’s a blue sky except for one cloud. Where do we look? Yep, the cloud.


There is a wall of exactly 100 bricks. The wall is perfectly even except for one single brick that is a bit crooked. We would have our eyes on the one that doesn’t fit in properly, right? Plus, we would probably even forget about the perfect 99 others.


We are on the mat enjoying a yoga class. Everything is peaceful and quiet and we are having the most peaceful, meditative moment ever…but then the person next to us starts to breathe audibly. What happens with our inner peace? Gone. We can’t believe our rude mat-neighbor disturbing our inner peace with loud breathing.

Sounds familiar? I could honestly crack myself up looking at past moments of my life creatively finding excuses to not being happy in the moment. Also, I have seen this example on the mat happening to many students while I was teaching a class. I usually address this challenge because it is so much fun to become aware that there is another way of dealing with this situation. No need to get frustrated.

Let’s take a closer look at the example on the mat: We could enjoy the present moment, the fact that we have some time for ourselves, or simply appreciate the fact that we are in a peaceful place. Or maybe become aware of how good our lives are because if we didn’t have a home and food, we would not go to a class and look for happiness. A high level of creativity is needed to find something to complain about in a moment like this, wouldn’t you agree? But still, we are annoyed by loud breathing. When we find ourselves in a moment like this, we can appreciate our immense creativity and then maybe make a decision: use it differently.

Summing up: A very creative, powerful being is needed to find something to complaing about in a perfectly peaceful moment. Interesting. Being aware of this amazing ability now, why don’t we use creativity to create something beautiful and enjoyable instead.

Let’s play a game: as soon as we find something to complain about, we find something to be grateful for, some inner „Yay!“.

This is how this game could look like on the mat:

Nagging: The person on my left is breathing loudly. It disrupts my inner peace.
Yay: Everyone else in the room is breathing so silently that I can’t hear them.

Nagging: Oh great, the person on my right is choosing another sitting posture and making a lot of noise. Again, my inner peace is gone.
Yay: Her legs will not fall asleep or start to hurt. She allowed herself a more enjoyable posture. I am happy to know that she now is more comfortable than before.

Nagging: The panting on my left is still going on. I think it’s getting worse.
Yay: There is a human being on the mat next to me. Breathing. Living. A beating heart. A unique manifestation of life intelligence. It is an honor to be sitting next to this being. As I am listening to his breath, I realize the effect it has on me as soon as I stop nagging: It keeps me in the present moment. It is so loud that I can’t escape the here and now – I don’t loose myself in thoughts, in the past. The breath is an anker in the now.

Maybe this game transforms the inner quality and we allow gratitude to pervade our reality. Next time the habit of „that’s wonderful, BUT…“ activates itself, we can choose again. It is another chance to play the game. With as much enthusiasm as possible. Free from judegement but playful and with joy. Let’s play with a smile on our faces, because are strengthening our creative power and our gratitude.

The more we train ourselves to see opportunities instead of closed doors, the easier it becomes. Practicing positivity in challenging situations will transform not only single moments, but our whole life. Every time we play this game, our creativity will grow and gratitude will fill our hearts.

Prepare to be surprised by your creativity and its potential to grow and expand when challenged like this. How many positivity thingies can we think of to be grateful for right now? Hmmm…there is always something. That’s one of the things that I learned from Indiana Jones. There is always something that is ok.
Do you know the scene from Indiana Jones „Raiders of the Lost Ark“ where Indy and Marion are on the ship and she is trying to patch him up? Wherever she touches him, he complains about being in pain. When she finally says „Damn it Indy, where doesn’t it hurt?!“ he take a moment to think about it and then points to his elbow „Here!“. Oh, the wisdom is in this scene! I love it! No matter how difficult, painful or desparate something seems to be, there is always one spot, one aspect, that is fine.

Let’s keep our eyes and hearts wide open for life’s beauty! Hope you’ll enjoy the gratitude games : )

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