From Silence Comes Wisdom

From Silence Comes Wisdom
February 26, 2017 Suzanne Freiherz

From Silence Comes Wisdom

Usually, there is a chatter of voices in our heads. The outside world only slips into our awareness every now and then. However, the mind isn’t supposed to talk to itself all day long. It gets exhausted because it has to work extra hours every day.

In order to cope with the uninterrupted chain of thoughts, judgements and labels in our heads, the clever mind uses a simple strategy: It loops the thoughts for us to listen to. This is no holiday for the mind either, but it helps.

Try it! Listen to your thoughts for a couple of days and you’ll realize that most thoughts are repetitions. You’ve had the same voices telling you the same things last week, last month, last year(s). Our thoughts are not new, not fresh, not creative. Scary, right? What could we possibly learn from listening to the same messages in our heads over and over?

As soon as we are aware that there is lots of old stuff in our heads, we can decide to let go of them and create spaces of silence inside. Send your mind on a much needed vacation!

When we create silence, we enter a magical space. Life is talking to us all the time. With spaces of silence between the thoughts, life can finally break through to us again.

Take a bath in silence and prepare to hear, understand and discover amazing things. Instead of old stuff that we usually listen to, life will make itself heard and this is what we call wisdom. This wisdom doesn’t come from “out there”. Life’s wisdom pulsates inside of us.

When life’s wisdom breaks through into the consciousness, it feels like lightening. You are familiar with this feeling…something just comes to you out of the blue. A new idea, a solution, an understanding. This is a gift directly from the heart; quiet, loving and sudden.

Silence isn’t the absence of noises. Silence is a magical field of potential, from which the information of every point of space and time is within reach. Silence is a void inside of the heart that is filled by nothing less than the breath of the universe.

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