Burger Boy and Greens Girl: Looking for Chocolate Daddy.

Burger Boy and Greens Girl: Looking for Chocolate Daddy.
May 26, 2016 Suzanne Freiherz

Burger Boy and Greens Girl:
Looking for Chocolate Daddy.

Recently, I have been pondering over talents and skills. Why? Because for the first time in many years, Tom and I are taking time to nourish sides of our personality that had been neglected for quite some time due to, well, working all the time. One thing we loved even before moving in together was: we used to cook together or for each other.

We loved spending time in the kitchen and creating something special for each other. I’ll have to admit at this point that I cannot cook. All I can do is salads, soups and curries. My impressive skills are washing things, chopping them and putting them in a bowl. Luckily, Tom loves my creations and – even luckier – he can cook everything else. Among lots of other yummy stuff, Tom creates the most spectacularly delicious burgers you can imagine. He is a true epicurean and an amazing chef. Now guess what he doesn’t like to prepare: yep, salads and soups. We complete each other perfectly because Tom makes sure that we eat enough protein and good fats while I make sure we eat enough veggies and fruit. Opposites attract: the greens girl and the burger boy.

No scale, no cake

There is something that neither of us can do: Sweets. Cakes. Chocolaty stuff. We both don’t stick to recipes and we never weigh the ingredients. We don’t even own a scale; neither for food, nor for us. Only our luggage owns a scale. Without a scale, you can’t bake. Which is a true tragedy, because we both love sweets. It’s not like we didn’t try making sweets. Both of us even screwed up an instant pudding mix independently of each other. Ok, Tom was a kid and me…well…I was young at heart. The package said, it is very simple: mix with milk, heat, stir. Something like this. However, both puddings transformed into a gooey, foul smelling, inedible, brown lump.

Do you feel our dilemma? A love for sweets and no skills to make them. But you know, the universe always takes care of us and provides us with everything we need in order to get what we want. And the solution is so simple and beautiful and yummy and even better than regular cake, we think.

Raw Talent

A few years ago, Tom and I had lived on a raw diet for a while. Back then we came across raw sweets, which were almost impossible to get anywhere, but we never had the time to experiment and learn how to them ourselves. This was years before the whole vegan wave flushed over Europe and before chia semen and green smoothies took over Instagram. A lot has happened since then. Now raw food is on every corner and it would be easy to buy plenty of sweet raw stuff. But we never ate raw to be part of a trend or promote a specific diet. We did it because we wanted to have natural products and know what we eat instead of eating processed food full additives that simply aren’t food.

So, years after our raw-phase, I got interested in raw baking. The best thing about it is: there is no need for a scale. Second best thing: no baking. Basically, everything that I suck at in the kitchen, isn’t needed for raw cooking! Yay! Instead, the things I am really good at are all necessary for preparing raw dishes. These extraordinary skills are: soaking things over night, chopping stuff up and switching a blender on and off.

Raw baking is easy and fun: put a hand full of this, add another of that…put in fridge and enjoy later. It doesn’t matter if you change some ingredients, the worst thing that can happen is that the chocolate brownie is a little too soft and tastes like chocolate fudge. Nothing can do wrong. Nothing ever followed the sad, lumpy footsteps of the instant puddings.

Brownie Wisdom

You know what the best part of the raw treats is? Neither Tom nor I are fond of dairy products and we never use sugar – things you need for a regular sweet treat, right? Raw sweets don’t use any of these ingredients. So, we eat what we like (sweets), plus, it agrees with us more than a regular chocolate or cake! Isn’t this incredible? The universe gives us what we love and what we get is even better than what we had asked for: the raw sweets are better for our bodies than regular chocolate plus the preparation part provides so much space for creativity and is pure joy.

The whole raw baking experience proved to us again that everything we need is inside of us. We always have the talents we need to fulfill our dreams. No, sweets are not our life’s dream, but in the little things we can see the same dynamics that move the whole planet. Universe-High-Five! We suck at baking for a reason woohooo!

rawcheesecakePiece of Cake

If there is something you love but feel like you don’t have a talent or skills for, I hope this story motivates you to not give up and maybe try a different approach.

The raw chocolate brownie has spoken: Everything we need is within us already. Maybe next time you are in doubt whether you can fulfill your dreams, you’ll remember the wise brownie that keeps telling us: „You can do it! Piece of cake!“

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