24/7 Self Service

24/7 Self Service
January 28, 2017 Suzanne Freiherz

24/7 Self Service

At the gas station, a message on the pay machine caught my attention. It said: “Self Service. 24/7, 365”. And it made me think: It describes an obligation we all have. No, nothing to do with refueling the car. Let me elaborate.

Do you do your best every day to be pleasant company? Being kind, loving and attentive as best as possible isn’t an effort we only make for others.

Did you ever realize that you are your own company, too? And that’s 24/7. 365. Having a bad mood, we are annoying ourselves, right? And we cannot escape ourselves. The voices in our heads, they are right where we are same as the emotions bubbling up on the inside. We can’t give yourselves some space, maybe go for a walk and come back a more pleasant person.

For You

So, what do we do? We practice being our own pleasant company. Be the person you want to be with 24/7…because you actually are. That means, to work on ourselves in a loving way. Practice dealing with emotions and moods in a nurturing way. In a way that they don’t take over and talk and decide for us.

Be the best version of yourself possible. Practice every day. Do it out of self-love. This is not egoism. Not the negative connotation we usually associate with this word anyway. This is true self-love. And your loved ones? They will benefit from us being content within ourselves.

But what if you can’t motivate yourself for your own sake? What if you are tired of always being positive and understanding and patient? We all feel that way every now and then. How come?  Well, it’s WORKing on yourself. Fun, nurturing work but still it requires effort. So, how can we get fresh motivation to be the best version of ourselves if doing it for us doesn’t do it sometimes?

For Others

Simply look at the face of someone you love. Remember how deeply you love them. How grateful you are every day that they are in your lives. Having a relationship is amazing and wonderful and constant work that doesn’t feel like work. Mostly ; ) Even when we are tired and cranky, we get ourselves together to be a loving and kind company for them.

Sure, around our loved ones, we are allowed to have bad days and they will forgive us. It is very relaxing to have a place in someone’s heart that we know will always be there no matter what.

Our loved ones bring out the best of us and our job is to honor their love by being the best possible version of ourselves. Yep, you are right. Sometimes is works super well and sometimes it work, well, ok. However, we keep doing our best and make an effort. This is love. This is self-love. This is self service. 24/7. 365.

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