by Suzanne Freiherz

  • Mar152017

    The Easiness Of Letting Go

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    Let’s cut right to the chase: Letting go is easy. It is not difficult like so many around us want us to believe.

  • Feb262017

    From Silence Comes Wisdom

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    Usually, there is a chatter of voices in our heads. The outside world only slips into our awareness every now and then. However, the mind isn’t supposed to talk to itself all day long. It gets exhausted because it has…

  • Jan282017

    24/7 Self Service

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    At the gas station, a message on the pay machine caught my attention. It said: “Self Service. 24/7, 365”. And it made me think: It describes an obligation we all have. No, nothing to do with refueling the car. Let…

  • Sep162016

    Watch Out For Inner Programs: Your Best Is Always Enough.

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    One of the things we humans struggle with is an inner program called „not enough“. It is the voice in our head that keeps telling us whatever we do, no matter how hard we work, it is not enough.

  • Aug202016

    Kind Is The New Black: It Goes With Everything


    Kindness is an amazing quality. It has the power to calm people down, focus on solutions instead of looking for an argument plus it is a very good pal of empathy.

  • May262016

    Burger Boy and Greens Girl: Looking for Chocolate Daddy.

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    Recently, I have been pondering about talents and skills. Why? Because for the first time in many years, Tom and I are taking time to nourish sides of our personality that had been neglected for quite some time due to,…

  • May122016

    Flexibility is a State of Mind

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    One day I wondered, how having my legs behind my head has improved my life. So far, no Indian guru called to congratulate and tell me everyone in the ashram is so proud that I can do it. What a…

  • Apr262016

    New Superhero on the Block. Traveling Through Time and Space, This One Is Highly Contagious.

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    Do you like Superheroes? Maybe you have had a favorite one since childhood? I love all of them and can’t get enough watching the movies. Wolverine and Iron Men are my favorites. Well, they were…until I realized that there is…

  • Apr162016

    Happiness or Misery? How we can use our creativity to create either one.

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    Most of us probably tend to complain more often that we realize. It is a wonderful moment of our lives but still we find something that is wrong with it, something annoying, something to nag. Like, eg…

  • Apr112016

    This world or the one around the corner? How to jump from one reality into another: a parallel world.

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    I usually wake up with my much-loved Doctor Who title song happily ringing from my mobile. Every morning I press „snooze“ and go back to sleep until the song starts again. But not so this morning.