It’s so very nice to meet you!

Never before has this earth created a body like yours. Never before did life choose this amazing mix of talents, interests and abilities. Never before has anyone else smiled like you. Never again will anyone else smile like you.

As Yuna Guides, we are all survivors of the original training with Suzanne Freiherz. We are trained to teach Heaven and Earth flows as well as Space techniques that have been field-tested for more than a decade. Practicing Yuna regularly, we simply share what we love and hope to inspire by authenticity, professionalism and enthusiasm.

We enjoy guiding, supporting and challenging everyone in their uniqueness without judgement and without the need to separate our groups into levels, age or sex.

We are united by magical heart field power, unbreakable love for positivity and mutual weirdness.

Here we are. Let’s make something happen together.

In no specific order.