Yogic Arts Weekend with Duncan Wong

Yogic Arts Weekend with Duncan Wong

19. & 20. August 2017
Sat, 19.8. | 9:00-11:30
Sat, 19.8. | 15:00-17:30
Sun, 20.8. | 9:00-12:00


Yuna Place Graz

€ 179,- | All sessions (8h)
€ 69,- | WS01: Love Warrior Flow
€ 69,- | WS02: Back Bend
€ 79,- | WS03: Thai Flow Therapy

We are thrilled to announce that Duncan Wong, the founder of the original Californian “Warrior Flow”, also known as Yogic Arts joins us again and after a very long time for an amazing Workshop Weekend here at Yuna Place Graz!

Learn and profit from Duncan’s vast experience and enjoy his wonderful practice – a unique combination of Martial Arts, Yoga and Thai Massage.

WS01: Love Warrior Flow 2,5h
WS02: Back Bend For Beginners & Teachers (How To Learn & Teach)
WS03: Thai Flow Therapy For Beginners & Teachers (How To Learn & Teach) 3h

Duncan teaches in English.
Beginners are welcome!



Saturday, 19. August 2017

9:00-11:30 “Love Warrior Flow”
Duration: 2,5h

Warrior Flow Foundation:
Unlearn how to move improperly to eliminate pain and limitation and learn exactly how you are designed to move fluidly with a balance of grace and power. Focus will be on structural movement.

15:00-17:30 “Back Bend Flow”
Duration: 2,5h

Back Bend for Beginners & Teachers (How to Learn & Teach):
Discover the optimal way to develop and sustain a healthy back bend practice and how to support others in their spine purification and heart opening. Focus will be on structural partner practice.

Sunday, 20. August 2017

9:00-12:00 “Thai Flow Therapy” 
Duration: 3h

Thai Flow Therapy for Beginners & Teachers (How to Learn & Teach):
Welcome to an exploration in the field of healing through a mindful approach to body alignment and energetic wellness with that provides an environment for optimal release of deeply locked tension and blocked energy to ensure the best use of our time together to awaken renewed vitality, while exchanging pain for power and freedom in our body-mind expression of the heart.

Duncan Teaches in English.


The very heart of his practice is the warrior awareness: the strength to live and protect peace and love. Yogic Arts™ is a practice that appeals to the whole human being, since the movements are logical as well as inspiring and nourish the „Love Warrior“ in all of us.

Duncan’s refined and exact way of teaching is second to no other and his popular hands-on assists are based on his unique and deep understanding of the human beings, their bodies and their boundaries. In his classes, Duncan teaches you to „unlearn“ bad habits and rediscover your body’s natural design and power through specific techniques that are based in mudra (hand and feet poses), which will awaken your aligned body structure as it was meant to perform. In Duncan’s class you will learn how to work the wall and other props like rolled-up mats and blocks thus discovering easy step-by-step ways to develop balance and strength as well optimal length. Also meditation and old ‘skool’ yogic breathing techniques and mantra will be explored.

Be inspired by his pure love for human beings, his deep respect of old wisdom and most of all his enthusiasm for yoga!

Duncan teaches in English.
Beginners are welcome!

About Duncan Wong

Duncan Wong, born in San Francisco is the founder of the original Californian „Warrior Flow“, which brought the Martial Arts roots of Hatha Yoga back into global awareness. Duncan, being a pioneer in his work influenced a whole new generation of teachers in both the West and the East. Duncan was taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, over the course of a decade in Karnataka, Mysore, South India, as well as many other great masters from India. Also his considerable martial arts training including a decade of tournament competition make him a profound, respected and much-loved teacher.


‘With great love and respect I welcome you with all my heart!’ ~ Duncan Sensei

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