True Detox Weekend With Suzanne Freiherz

True Detox Weekend With Suzanne Freiherz

16.-18. March 2018
Fri, 16.3. | 19:00-22:00
Sat, 17.3. | 14:00-17:00
Sun, 18.3. | 10:00-13:00

Yuna Place Graz

Weekend: € 219,-
Single day: € 89,-

Suzanne Freiherz, co-founder of Yuna, is back in Graz!
Suzanne will teach a weekend of true detox. She will take you way beyond physical detox deep into the very base of health: the mind.
Detox your mind and experience true regeneration.

What is detox?

Detox removes poisonous or harmful substances from our bodies. Usually when we do a detox, we refer to some sort of diet which makes a lot of sense. However, is the occasional fast or healthy diet enough?

Picture eating a dairy-, gluten-, sugarfree, raw, organic chiabread while being frustrated with your job or angry at the smoker across the table for sitting close to you. It would be too much to ask of the poor, little slice of chiabread to compensate the poison inside. True detox does more than cleanse to body. It cleans up the mess inside, which we all carry around with us. Why do we have this mess in the first place? Because we are challenged, we learn, we are alive, we are human. This weekend we will tap into the power of the mind and detox the mind.

The Sessions

Starting with inspiration from Suzanne each day is dedicated to a different aspect of true detox, which will then be completed by a mix of Heaven and Earth flows, breathing exercises and meditations to regenerate on all levels.


Fr, 16.3. | 19:00-22:00 Uhr: The Power Of Surrender

Instead of trying to be perfect, we can surrender into our beautiful uniqueness. This surrender will help detox anger and resentment and give room to a playful attitude that still gets things done in time.
Let go and start to play.


Sa, 17.3. | 14:00-17:00 Uhr: The Power To Create

What if. Two little words that can suffocate a dream in a second. It is time to detox what ever holds us back and set free everything that makes us fly.
Worry less. Live more.


So, 18.3. | 10:00-13:00 Uhr: The Power To Change

This session is dedicated to detoxing all kinds of limits, categories and the classic “there is nothing I can do”. With the mind free and open, we can come back home to a natural connection to the flow of life.
You can make a difference.

Suzanne’s natural positivity and love for life will set the tone for the time together. Enjoy a new lightness, a fresh love for life to manifest your goals and dreams.

Prepare for fun sessions, as Suzanne believes in the transformational power of laughter, ease and having humor with oneself.


With specific Heaven and Earth flows we will target different areas of the body each day to create new energy from head to toe and melt away stored emotions.


Breathing is an automatic, constant detox for the body. However being the link between body and mind, it can do much more. We will expand its incredible power beyond the body and support the mind’s detox.


Every day will be dedicated to a specific emotion. On Friday, anger will get a metaphorical hug – wanted or not ; ) Saturday will stand up to fears and worries and Sunday will smile at frustration.


Suzanne will weave meditations and inspiration all around and into the movement, to help dissolve patterns and emotions with ease and efficiency.

No pre-requisites needed. Yuna is free from levels and labels to support and challenge everyone in their unique potential. This weekend will be thaught in German. Everyone is welcome.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Freiherz is the co-founder of Yuna. She is teaching retreats, teacher trainings and workshops since 2003.

The essence of Suzanne’s teachings is coming home into the field of the heart. The heart is the doorway to our full potential.

Teachers from many worlds are her guides. In her classes, she shares her experience of more than a decade’s work with joy, clarity and enthusiasm. Her unique combination of logic and intuition speaks to body, heart and mind alike, activating a new awareness and curiosity as well as a positive, playful attitude during the practice and in life in general.

      Have a look at Suzanne’s Blog >, join her on Instagram > and definitely check out the weekly Epïsodes on her YouTube channel FeelsÏncredible.


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