ABSolute Abundance Day With Suzanne Freiherz

ABSolute Abundance Day With Suzanne Freiherz

10. September 2017
Morning Session:
Afternoon Session:

Yuna Place Graz

€ 149,- | Both Sessions | 6h
€ 89,- | Single Session | 3h

Suzanne Freiherz, co-founder of Yuna, will take you on a journey into a sit-up free, highly efficient abdominal training that opens your perception for the abundance that is here already.


Abdominal training is one of Suzanne’s favorite things, next to chocolate. The belly is a fascinating area of our bodies, full of power, wisdom and support. Enjoy efficient abdominal training that teaches the body to move from its core naturally instead of using the back, creating tension in the shoulders or putting strain on the knees. With a strong core, we can enjoy the gifts that come with it: an upright posture and a healthy back.

As always in Suzanne’s teachings, she takes you beyond pure physical training. Our core is more than abdominal strength. It is the home of our gut feeling. It digests our food and really everything we experience. Also, in the core of our being we know that we are worthy of happiness and abundance.


What we need to be happy is here already. However, sometimes we don’t see it. Why? Because we all have specific perception filters switched on. These filters are based on everything that was, our experience, our education. Every single moment is being filtered and we only see what fits our believe system of what is possible in our world. Whatever doesn’t fit in, never reaches a conscious perception. This Sunday we will create #nofilter spaces to see the abundance of opportunities within each moment.

Suzanne will guide you through a transformation targeting inner programs of lack, like we are “not enough” or “don’t deserve” what we wish for. Empty and free from these patterns, the mind can relax in a spacious state of pure presence. What happens when the mind is empty? The same thing that happens to an empty shelf or vacant corner in your apartment. It is being filled effortlessly.

Reconnect to your core power
with life’s abundance
pouring into your heart and mind.

The Sessions

Our abs need to be strong as well as relaxed. Both sessions consist of a mix of Heaven and Earth flows that will provide a sweet release deep within the abs, the digestive organs and the back on the one hand, as well as power and strength on the other.

Also, Suzanne will share inspiration about an inner state of abundance and the abundance of opportunities to train the abs in our daily lives. The belly is the center of every movement. Sitting, standing and in every step we take, our belly supports us and usually receives a natural training all throughout the day.


Morning Session

10:00-13:00 Uhr


Afternoon Session

14:00-17:00 Uhr

Prepare for fun sessions, as Suzanne believes in the transformational power of laughter, ease and having humor with onesself.

No pre-requisites needed. Yuna is free from levels and labels to support and challenge everyone in their unique potential. This day will be thaught in German. Everyone is welcome.

About Suzanne

Suzanne Freiherz is the co-founder of Yuna. She is teaching retreats, teacher trainings and workshops since 2003.

The essence of Suzanne’s teachings is coming home into the field of the heart. The heart is the doorway to our full potential.

Teachers from many worlds are her guides. In her classes, she shares her experience of more than a decade’s work with joy, clarity and enthusiasm. Her unique combination of logic and intuition speaks to body, heart and mind alike, activating a new awareness and curiosity as well as a positive, playful attitude during the practice and in life in general.

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