Experiences are treasures that enrich our lives forever. Let’s create magical memories together.

Retreat from the business of everyday life. Take time to treat yourself, detox your mind and re-discover the joy of being alive.

On the mat, Earth, Heaven and Space will regenerate and energize body, mind and heart. Off the mat, you will feel more alive and powerful to create unforgettably magical days.

No busy schedule, no pressure. A Yuna holiday creates a natural balance between time together with the group and time for yourself.

We choose different locations that we know and treasure. They offer high standards, genuine warmth and have some special magic. Join us for a rewarding experience that will last beyond our time together.

You earned this.

Join our Workshops for in-depth experience and understanding of movement, mindfulness and the connectedness of all things.

Be prepared to feel muscles you didn’t know you have. Be ready to face all kinds of patterns that you usually shy away from.

As always, there will be just enough Yuna madness to make sure we don’t get too serious about ourselves. When we let go and have fun, everything falls into place. No struggle, nothing to prove.

We all are expressions of one and the same essence. Breathing, laughing, eating, shoe shopping, nose picking miracles.

Love life madly.

Our Trainings welcome all of you who are passionate about sharing what they love.

We will feed your logical mind with highly detailed learning videos. You will be trained to guide Heaven and Earth classes for all ages and abilities together in one group – large or small.

We will feed your body with refined Yuna practice to make sure your understanding comes from experience rather than studying books.

We will feed your senses with a little weirdness to open their inner doors and enable you to see, hear and feel more than ever before.

We will feed your heart with a loving, judgement-free group experience to allow it to open and expand. Prepare to be amazed by your true power.

Dream big.