Yuna is a unique practice for body, mind and heart.

It is free from competition and judgement, free from labels and levels. Everything we share encourages everyone to have a go. You are welcome as you are.

Every class is an inspiration to have a positive and playful state of mind, even when challenged. Yuna is about being truely alive in the moment. Trust yourself.

We believe health is all about being optimistic, feeling safe and having fun. However, happiness during the training is not enough. Yuna touches every aspect of your life. Live from the heart.

On the mat: Heaven, Earth and Space.

There are the two opposing forces within and around us: yin and yang.
We need to live and nurture both aspects in order to be balanced and well.

To provide this balance, Yuna offers two class types:

Heaven, a powerful and effective workout and
Earth, a deep and sweet release.

Vibrating within both classes is the inner quality,
Space, a detox for the mind.

With Earth, Heaven and Space every aspect of body, mind and heart are balanced and nurtured.

Beyond the mat: Keep flowing.

With Yuna, the practice doesn’t stop when you roll up your mat. In class, we share simple and powerful tools to deal with thoughts, emotions and challenges. They create a flexible, loving and playful inner quality and help to manifest a life that comes from the heart.

And the best thing: these tools are as useful on the mat as they are off the mat in every day life. After class, keep flowing and create your reality. More loving, kind and powerful than ever before.

Meet the creators

Hi, this is Tom & Suzanne Freiherz.
We developed Yuna through working with and learning from people for many years.

We are passionate about mindfulness and movement free from competition and labels. Finding a practice that is accessible to everyone and expands beyond the mat has driven and inspired us.

So we’ve set out to discover the most powerful techniques to take care of body, mind and heart.

We have been practicing different fitness trainings as well as yoga styles. We spent hours greeting the sun, holding the breath and eating vegan sausages. One day, while doing the legs-behind-the-head-forehead-on-the-floor-thing (offical name: reclining tortoise pose), a thought came to mind: How can this pose possibly help in life?

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Have you ever faced a challenge in your life and thought: „If I could throw my legs behind my head, I would be able to solve this problem right now.“ No? Us neither.

So, drawing from our experience in different fitness and yoga worlds we stripped away a couple of things like: acrobatics, the effort the please the instructor/guru or else, the “you are not there yet” myth as well as the habit of separating humans into levels. Only effective and simple movements, kindness, fun, awareness, connectedness and a touch of magic were allowed into Yuna.

In a Yuna class, there is nothing to prove.
Everything we need in life is within already. You are welcome as you are and you only need to please one person: yourself.